Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Sorry i havent been around.

Hello all.. sorry i havent posted in a while, i have been quite poorly in hospital so things havent been too great. On the eating front things have been quite good.

In hospital it was quite harsh- on my protocool i have to have a Naso-Gastric Tube which doesnt help anything but this week have lost a total of 4.6 lbs yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee im sooooo happy. Restricting has been quite hard due to dad being on to me but hey im still doing it.

Today's intak:

Part of a energy surge smoothie from Cafe Latino.

Half of my soup- cant remember how many cals right now will post. but not doing too bad eh?

blood sugars have been all over the place though. Thursday night i was on the verge of collapsing- havent been that bad in a while so im getting a little bit panicy- how can i go from fasting days at a time to having sudden sugar drops?!? IT SUCKS!

Love you all beautiful people. Stay strong. Keep restricting. Much lovee xxxxxx