Saturday, 9 May 2009


hate it i hate it i hate it. gah why are people being so horrible when you are truthful to them. Dad and new girl firiend was askin about my eatin and then turned into lecture... i openly told them how many calories i was on everyday only because i wanted them to see how many more they have- there fat. they need to loose weight. they started having a go at me saying that they thought i was eating more and they'l be calling the psych again. Its my choice and im still huge so it doesnt matter.

been at the pub... intake of cals is waaaaaaay to high for today cos of it, band was on, dad got alcohol for us
meh..i dont want to be me right now... :(

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

"Do you know that..

Ana could kill you?"
that was a harsh point that my nutritionist gave to me today. You know what i thought and what my reply was....
"so? your point is...?"
she told me that after allready being in recovery i have damage to my stomach ect. I have respiratory and heart problems. Id rather ana killed me first if i was pretty and thin. I dont really care anymore. im fat and discusting... i dont want to be like this anymore :'(

dont know what to write anymore.. sorry

Monday, 4 May 2009


i've lost 3lbs... dont know how i done it but im so happy. although having dinner at dads girl friends 2moro, never met her daughters but they know me from old riding school... scarey! Might be able to get away with not eating, dad knows i cant eat around people.

Im going away to see family/friends in july for about 2 weeks im happy means il get a 2 week fast but need to drop alot! of weight before then. I have prom like 2 days before i go aswell... scarey!

well im happy just had to share cant belive i lost another 3lbs :D yay

im planning fluid fast from wednesday.. anyone want to join me?

xx love to all you beautiful people..

<3 lovee youuuu ana. xxx

Saturday, 2 May 2009


So... i was in the local shop this afternoon, picking up a paper ect and i saw on the counter was 'NRG NOW' i hadnt any idea what it was, i saw on the lable ' feel it in minutes, lasts for hours'.

thought you might be interested, heres a link about it:

i havent tried it yet, wanted to look it up first but it looks good, 1 serving contains the same ammount of caffine as a cup of coffee. Wondered if any of you have tried it? I am going to pick some up and see how good they are. However doesnt say about a calorific content, thats what worries me.

take care beautiful people. xx

Noisey eaters.....

Doesnt it get on your nerves lol... how do you cope with someone who's a noisey eater even when there fat gob is shut? Dads sat next to me shovelling Pizza and Garlic bread down his neck into his fat stomach... when he clearly doesnt need to. He's such a noisey f'ing eater though, told him before and he's driving me up the wall... that plus the huge belch afterwards... arghhh

Friday, 1 May 2009

doing ok?

today... Total cals consumed: 206. Total cals burnt: 500. Think the scales are coming out :) xx