Saturday, 9 May 2009


hate it i hate it i hate it. gah why are people being so horrible when you are truthful to them. Dad and new girl firiend was askin about my eatin and then turned into lecture... i openly told them how many calories i was on everyday only because i wanted them to see how many more they have- there fat. they need to loose weight. they started having a go at me saying that they thought i was eating more and they'l be calling the psych again. Its my choice and im still huge so it doesnt matter.

been at the pub... intake of cals is waaaaaaay to high for today cos of it, band was on, dad got alcohol for us
meh..i dont want to be me right now... :(


  1. My blog has a new URL

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  2. Sometimes honesty isn't the best policy. To get what you want you may have to manipulate the truth, I'm not saying lie, I'm just saying don't tell all.

    Take Care though, as cheesy as it is, when I was 16 I hate hate HATED EVERYTHING, and now, 2 years on, I have the most amazing possibilities within my future and I'm so hapy doing something I want to do and what I want to do. It's incredible how much can change in 2 years, absolutely astonishing, no joke! Hold on in there, it gets better!


  3. Yikes, parents.....they just worry though....hope things turn out ok for ya!