Thursday, 12 November 2009

I can't quite believe how long it has been since i last blogged.

i have missed you all every single day. Don't worry i've been following your progress- you've all been doing amazing, and your thinspo pics where truley thinspirational. i love you all.

I haven't gained. however. I haven't lost. God im such a fat pig.. Dads girl friend daughter the other day told me i could borrow her clothes because we are the same size... i'm thinking fat fucking chance.. i will do everything in my will power to become smaller than her. So that she aspires to be like me and wan'ts to borrow my clothes.

I'm fed up of being this fat fucking bitch. I've calculated everything i can loose in a day including how many calories you burn texting and typing, fuck did you know you loose weight if you sit completley still? because your focusing and using muscles hard in order to not move... i gotta try that one.

love you all beauties. stay strong. xxx