Monday, 4 May 2009


i've lost 3lbs... dont know how i done it but im so happy. although having dinner at dads girl friends 2moro, never met her daughters but they know me from old riding school... scarey! Might be able to get away with not eating, dad knows i cant eat around people.

Im going away to see family/friends in july for about 2 weeks im happy means il get a 2 week fast but need to drop alot! of weight before then. I have prom like 2 days before i go aswell... scarey!

well im happy just had to share cant belive i lost another 3lbs :D yay

im planning fluid fast from wednesday.. anyone want to join me?

xx love to all you beautiful people..

<3 lovee youuuu ana. xxx

1 comment:

  1. I'll fluid fast with you! I need to loose some seroius weight. I am so fat and huge right now. I just want to die.