Sunday, 4 October 2009

Dad commented today on my clothes... said that i had lost weight because my top was loose- he asked what size i was wearing and ignored him then looked at label and saw im in a uk 8- us 6? i know thats alot but have to take into consideration im on high dose steriods and some days my health stops me from doing any exercise at all :(

oh how it sucks. feeling quite sick of the site of my body right now and have to see a psychologist and psychiatrist on tuesday... im dreading it. im not ready for recovery.

anyway.. i have a thing about collar bones at the moment.. il leave you with a picture of mine- you can see just how fat i really am.. its shamefull.. it will be thinspo that works in the opposite ways.. it makes you wanna loose even more weight because you'd dread to look like that!

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